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fantasy football trophies

When the weather starts getting brisk, and you find yourself turning up your collar as you step outside, this could mean only one thing. Football season is here! And with any football season comes the long anticipated fantasy football season.

Show your league who's boss with the Pigskin Collection fantasy football trophy. This hog in the shape of a football knows how important your fantasy football season was, so he'll give you a wink and a smile while he smokes a cigar in your honor as he sits atop your mantle for all to admire.

An Originalfantasy trophies

fantasy football trophies
  • The pigskin sits on the base all the while gloating in his glory and smoking his victory cigar.
fantasy football trophies
  • Textured, shaped, and laced like a football to give you a centerpiece.
fantasy football trophies
  • Premium brass plate engraved to your liking.  
fantasy football trophies
  • 100% solid maple wood base, beveled with intrinsic designs, painted black, and sealed with a gloss for protection.
fantasy football trophies
  • Cloth felted bottom to protect your furniture. branded so you know you got the highest quality fantasy football trophy in the industry.
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Fantasy Football Trophy Gold
The Pigskin Collection Fantasy Trophy | Gold
Our Price: $59.99

The envy of any league; a Pigskin Collection Gold fantasy football trophy to sit atop the mantle.

Fantasy Football Trophy Silver
The Pigskin Collection Fantasy Trophy | Silver
Our Price: $59.99

Pop the bubbly, raise your trophy. Celebrate your championship with The Pigskin Collection Silver fantasy football trophy.

Fantasy Football Trophy Bronze
The Pigskin Collection Fantasy Trophy | Bronze
Our Price: $59.99

Just as your parents bronzed your baby booties as a keepsake, we bronze your trophy for the same reason. Memorialize your season with the Pigskin Collection Bronze fantasy football trophy.

Fantasy Football Trophy Copper
The Pigskin Collection Fantasy Trophy | Copper
Our Price: $59.99

This little piggy went to market; After he crushed the competition and smoked his big fat cigar and blew smoke in your face! Make it the Pigskin Collection Copper fantasy football trophy and your league will never be the same.

Fantasy Football Trophy Shoe Polish
The Pigskin Collection Fantasy Trophy | Shoe Polish
Our Price: $59.99

The Pigskin Collection Shoe Polish - a blackened-bronze classic fantasy football trophy from Hard core bacon. The only thing he's missing is some scotch. But you won't give it to him.

Fantasy Football Trophy Optic
The Pigskin Collection Fantasy Trophy | Optic
Our Price: $69.99

You showed that you can run with ice in your veins for an entire fantasy season, and now you have the piece to prove it. Behold the Pigskin Collection Optic trophy to illuminate your room. A gloating pig in the shape of a footbal, this unique trophy lights up with the flick of a switch to to show its true brilliance and catch the eye of onlookers and cast a cool mood light for any room, office, or bar.