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fantasy football trophies
The Armchair Collection from was designed as the pinnacle award for champions of fantasy sports and armchair tournaments to commemorate the hard work that went into your season. Let's face it, flipping channels back and forth while simultaneously wiping wing sauce from your face is no easy task. And as such, you deserve to be rewarded. Fortunately, you or your commissioner recognized this and purchased one of our hand-crafted trophies from The Armchair Collection, a 7.5 inch tall statue of a slightly "well-rounded" individual camping on his armchair while drinking a beer and smoking a fine cigar.

As a fantasy sports award, the Armchair Collection trophy is for all those times you had to minimize your screen when people at work walked by your desk while you were sneaking player updates. It's for all for those early a.m.'s when you sacrificed your Z's for a better crack at that waiver wire. As a tournament challenge award, the Armchair Collection is for that underdog flier you took all the way to the Final Four because you watched them play back in January and knew their bench was deep. It's for that sigh of relief when the final buzzer sounded and you were crowned office pool champion.

The Armchair Collection byfantasy trophy is distinguished as the highest quality, most recognized award you can achieve for winning your league or tournament, and it proudly sits atop your desk much to the envy of your friends and co-workers.
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Fantasy Football Trophy - Gold
The Armchair Collection Fantasy Trophy | Gold
Our Price: $59.99

From your league draft all the way down to that two minute warning at season's end, you watched your fantasy record grow with your hopes, and when you beat that clown who couldn't stop bragging all season, you were crowned league champion. Then you brought home the gold. The Armchair Collection Gold trophy is for you.

Fantasy Football Trophy - Silver
The Armchair Collection Fantasy Trophy | Silver
Our Price: $59.99

This trophy might as well be called Platinum. It's just too sleek not to be had. It makes the perfect bracket buster, winner take all, one shining moment award to put on your mantle. Tournament champion, division winners, and highest scorers alike all deserve the Armchair Collection Silver trophy.

Fantasy Football Trophy - Bronze
The Armchair Collection Fantasy Trophy | Bronze
Our Price: $59.99

You may not always be right, but you're never wrong with the Armchair Bronze fantasy trophy. A true champion knows that while the money doesn't last forever, bronze can define an epoch.

Fantasy Football Trophy - Copper
The Armchair Collection Fantasy Trophy | Copper
Our Price: $59.99

Move over lucky penny. The Armchair Collection Copper trophy is your new prized possession for games of skill and chance.

Fantasy Football Trophy - Shoe Polish
The Armchair Collection Fantasy Trophy | Shoe Polish
Our Price: $59.99

When the dinner party is over, and it's time to retire to the study with the boys to discuss sports, politics, and the unmentionable, make sure you point out your Armchair Collection Shoe Polish trophy, a blackened bronze statue designed for those that appreciate the finer things in life and are not afraid to go after them.

Fantasy Football Trophy - Optic
The Armchair Collection Fantasy Trophy | Optic
Our Price: $69.99

You showed that you can run with ice in your veins for an entire fantasy season, and now you have the piece to prove it. Behold the Armchair Collection Optic trophy to illuminate your room. A gruff, yet "well-rounded" individual kicking back in his easy chair and celebrating his victory with a cigar. Clicker and beer in hand, of course. It lights up with the flick of a switch to create a fantastic blue-toned mood light for any living room, office, or bar.